Awesome Penny Stocks today

2 Feb

Although making superb gains 100% of the time is an impossible promise for anyone to make, our track record speaks for itself. 19 out of our last 20 picks posted gains after we issued an alert to our members. Many of those went on to post over 1000% and even 3000% gains. Can you imagine what that could have done to your investments?

It’s hard to say definitively whether Awesome Penny Stocks is a scam, but it is definitely dangerous.  First of all, penny stocks are notoriously easy prey for price manipulation.  This means that a company like Awesome Penny Stocks can purchase a large amount of potentially worthless stock, recommend it to their subscribers, who purchase the stock causing the price to rise, and then the company sells their stock, causing the the stock price to drop again.

After just three days of the ongoing Awesome Penny Stocks pump on Superior Venture Corp. (OTC:SVEN), it already bears the caveat emptor status, skull and cross bones symbol on Despite the fact that SVEN stock was expected to dip in price on Thursday, the share price showed superior support at $0.275, still a level by many to be severely over-priced.

Aim High Profits has been covering all of the Awesome Penny Stocks picks throughout 2012 and probably has the best coverage available for those looking to make some money off of the SVEN scam. Just one day prior to the announcement.


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